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Drum Transcriptions


Hand written drum transcriptions.

i wrote more than 500 drum Scores/Transcriptions.

You can download them from this website!

If you want them all together in a file ,  just e-mail me and i can send you a zip file with Wetransfer.

Most of the drum transcriptions are popsongs from the 60/70/80/90.





Drum/Percussion Audio


Need some Drum Loops ?  or do you need some specific drum loops for your song ?

I have a library full of drumloops and if you want some loops specifically for your song.


Drum replacement with SP3.

Just send me your drum loops or drumtracks and i convert them to real good sounding drums , all multitracks.


Percussion loops with SP3.


Real Live Drum or percussion tracks/loops.

Custom built loops with live drums or Percussion for your needs.


Recording and Mixing in Cubase


Learn to mix in Cubase for beginners.

Basic's in Recording and mixing and learn to organize your project.

How to use automation/EQ/Compression/limiters/Reverb/delay/e.t.c

Make your own templates with a nice workflow and coloring.

With support from the right Tutorials on Youtube i will guide you through the course.


Just contact me for questions or info!